World-Class Molecular Diagnosis.


An integrated platform of Reagents, Hardware, and Software. High-tech with

versatility, flexibility, and simplicity.

The ability of Molecular Biology to accurately diagnose genetic and infectious diseases surpasses traditional clinical diagnosis.

But only 10% of the global population has access to this technology.

Limited Access

Molecular diagnosis is only available to a minority. Only a few large laboratories centralize molecular diagnosis.

Complex Equipment

The equipment is difficult to operate and maintain. Additionally, certain types of samples need to be sent abroad for analysis.

Expensive Solutions

Existing solutions require grouping hundreds of patients with the same disease to justify the cost.

IRIS® is an innovative and accessible technology for any laboratory.


Can diagnose multiple genomic
biomarkers simultaneously.


Works efficiently with only 15 patient
samples, testing 15 different diseases.


Up to 120 different samples
simultaneously in multiples of 15.


It is easy to operate and maintain in any lab.


Test results help create new products,
more efficiently.


Highly sensitive and specific. Exclusive internal quality system.

About Us

A combination of creative thinking and knowledge

ZEV Biotech was founded in 2017 in Argentina, achieving its initial milestones with the support of the “Ewald A. Favret” Institute of Genetics (IGEAF), and later establishing its presence at the Argentine Foundation of Nanotechnology.

Only 0 %
of the global population has access to Molecular Diagnosis.
$ 0 b
is the valuation of Molecular Diagnosis market in Latin America
0 %
will be the growth in the next decade

At ZEV, we are shaping a future where cutting-edge Molecular Diagnosis is accessible to all laboratories and patients worldwide.

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