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TH IRIS Exam Kit - Hereditary Thrombophilia

Hypercoagulable states are disorders of hemostasis that are associated with hyperactivity of the coagulation system and with the development of thromboembolic events, a pathology known as Venous Thromboembolism (VTE).

Although abundant epidemiological information on VTE is available, it should be analyzed with caution. Although this information is adequate to measure the importance of the pathology and its risks, the existing data do not accurately measure the problem and we could be looking at the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps the most accurate estimate comes from a study carried out in Sweden, where 23,796 autopsies were performed on a total of 35,784 deaths that occurred during 1970 and 1982, and the prevalence of VTE was 22.8%.


Regarding epidemiological data in Argentina, the annual incidence is 1.65 cases per 1,000 people and in individuals >80 years of age the incidence amounts to 5.92 cases per year. It is estimated that in Argentina more than 60,000 people suffer from VTE per year and it causes more deaths than the sum of deaths due to AIDS, road accidents and breast cancer. The incidence of VTE in hospitalized patients is 0.40% and in patients over 80 years of age the incidence increases to 0.82%. The overall in-hospital mortality in Argentina of patients hospitalized with VTE is 19%.
Thrombophilia is a disorder of the hemostatic mechanism in which an abnormal predisposition to thrombosis is demonstrated. It is a multifactorial disease resulting from the conjunction of genetic, environmental and acquired conditions that determine the individual clinical expression. In cases where the disease is associated with genetic factors it is known as Hereditary Thrombophilia (HT).
The TH IRIS Exam kit based on IRIS Technology allows the analysis of the main genetic variations associated with TH.
This kit has two versions, one of two genes (F2/F5 version) and another one of five genes (Austral version). The two-gene version is approved by ANMAT (regulatory body in Argentina as FDA in the USA) for in vitro diagnostic use (IVD).