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Our History

ZEV Biotech was born in October 2017 in Argentina when its founder, Maximiliano Irisarri, detected the limitations of the region to perform highly complex DNA/RNA molecular diagnostics.

In its brand DNA, ZEV carries the names of his daughters: Zoe and Emma. Because Maxi cares about people. And his company is created and designed to improve people's quality of life.

ZEV's goal since its inception is to offer affordable genetic kits for emerging countries applied to personalized molecular medicine. The ecosystem of molecular genetics has always been conducive to the birth of a start up like this one, with a global vision.

To meet this goal, ZEV embarked on the path of creating its own innovative technology for molecular diagnostics, which is designed and adapted to the reality of emerging countries. This is how IRIS was born, a technology that is easy and cost-effective to implement in any diagnostic laboratory, and we were able to meet our great challenge of making genetic kits available to everyone.

IRIS technology is a genomic platform that includes equipment, software and reagents (kits), being an integral solution for any laboratory, hospital, clinic or other health institutions, both public and private, to apply genetic kits.

In 2021 we achieved the great milestone of validating our IRIS technology for the Hereditary Thrombophilia kit before the ANMAT (Argentina's regulatory body equivalent to the FDA in the USA) for its commercialization as a medical device for in-vitro diagnostics in humans (IVD).

Subsequently, we developed a second IRIS-based kit aimed at pharmacogenomics of tuberculosis treatment.

In 2020, we won an international competition sponsored by the multilateral organization Inter-American Development Bank (IDB-Lab) for our diagnostic proposals during the COVID-19 pandemic. This competition awarded us a prize that allows ZEV to develop and manufacture two kits, one to identify only SARS-CoV-2 based on Real Time PCR technology and the second a kit that analyzes a battery of viruses and bacteria that cause respiratory infection, including SARS-CoV-2.

Subsequently, an agreement was signed with the Chamber of Medical Diagnostic Institutions (CADIME) and the DPT Foundation, marking a new milestone in the history of ZEV. Now all the members of this organization at the lake of Argentina can be trained in IRIS technology and offer ZEV's genetic medicine kits among their services.

On the near horizon of ZEV is the development of other kits, such as the differential diagnosis of all oncogenic strains of HPV, pharmacogenomics of depression treatment, among others.

ZEV has as investors Peruvian capital with extensive experience in business and technology, the Grid Exponential Trust Fund, a VC of great importance in the region, and has recently incorporated Australian capital with a view to its global growth. In addition to the support of IDB-Lab, we have the support of the Ministry of Production, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Health.

ZEV took its first steps with the support of the Instituto de Genética "Ewald A. Favret" (IGEAF) of the Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria (INTA), then moved to the Instituto de Investigaciones Biotecnológicas of the Universidad Nacional de San Martin and finally settled at the Fundación Argentina de Nanotecnología.

In these 5 years that have passed since its creation, ZEV Biotech has not only reached its initial objective, but has also surpassed it, achieving developments and agreements that amplify the capacity of this Company, catapulting it towards unlimited horizons.