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NAT-2 IRIS Exam Kit - Tuberculosis Treatment Pharmacogenomics Kit

The enzyme N-acetyl transferase 2(NAT-2) is responsible for the activation and/or degradation of several drugs, such as first-line antibiotics in the treatment of tuberculosis.

Between 9 and 23% of TB patients treated with first-line antibiotics suffer severe adverse reactions, including liver toxicity, neurotoxicity, skin reactions and gastrointestinal problems.

NAT-2 presents a large number of variants that affect its activity to metabolize antibiotics. This is why the genetic study of NAT-2 contributes in a very important way to the choice of the best treatment for patients with tuberculosis.

NAT-2 IRIS Exam kit is based on IRIS technology and allows the analysis of 7 genetic variations in the NAT-2 gene that predict the occurrence of adverse reactions in individuals undergoing tuberculosis treatment.

This kit is developed and validated in its "Research Use Only" (RUO) format, it is not approved as an IVD kit by ANMAT (regulatory body in Argentina as FDA in the USA).