Our Mission

We develop, produce and commercialize molecular diagnostic kits for hereditary diseases or infectious diseases and pharmacogenomics of drugs

Molecular diagnostic for personalized medicine.

ZEV Biotech is an Argentinian science-based company that developed a Genomic platform for the molecular diagnosis

Its mission is to develop, produce, and commercialize molecular diagnostic kits for clinical laboratories, hospitals, clinics and health centers, both public and private, of emerging countries

Molecular diagnostic

Over the past years, the complete sequencing of the human genome and the scientific and technological progress revolutionized the sector of the diagnosis of illnesses.

Today, by means of molecular diagnostic, it is possible to predict, diagnose and/or assess the prognosis and treatment of diseases with a greater degree of certainty, faster and in a personalized way.

For this reason, the molecular diagnostic is an increasingly used practice both in human health and agricultural sector.

Value proposal and competitive advantages of ZEV Biotech.

ZEV Biotech has developed a genomics platform designed and tailored to reality and needs of emerging countries.

Our platform, called IRIS, presents the following competitive advantages


The IRIS Platform uses basic molecular biology equipment, adding only two inexpensive and modular equipment, of easy maintenance and with local technical support.

Fácil operatividad

The IRIS Platform can be operated by technical staff with basic training on molecular biology. Our software analyses the data automatically without the need of specialized personnel.

Resultados seguros y confiables

The platform comprises 7 internal controls for each sample, which allow assessing the quality of each procedure. The algorithm of IRIS software analyzes the controls status before offering the result.

Baja escala mínima

IRIS requires a smaller number of samples for each equipment use: 15 samples rather than 96 or 384. Thus, the laboratories do not need to accumulate samples to conduct the analysis and speed time to results.


The procedure and microarrays are the same for all tests of the IRIS portfolio. Thus, the IRIS Platform allows to analyze the desired test for each sample, independently whatever the test to analyze in the remaining samples. This simplifies even more sampling for the laboratory.


It is easily and economically tailored to number of samples for processing per day by the laboratory.

These advantages allow an easy and inexpensive implementation of the IRIS Platform, offering the possibility of decentralization of the molecular diagnostic at any laboratory or health center, both public and private, in an emerging country.

Andrés Barcala nos explica que es ZEV Biotech