CADIME and ZEV BIOTECH sign an agreement to democratize the molecular biology

On Thursday, 5 November 2019, the Chamber of Medical Diagnosis Institutions – CADIME – and ZEV Biotech have signed a cooperation agreement with the aim of encouraging the diffusion, promotion and training in the field of molecular biology and genomics.

El Presidente de ZEV Biotech, Bioq. Maximiliano Irisarri junto a su equipo e inversores visitaron la sede de CADIME para materializar la firma del acuerdo con el Presidente de CA.DI.ME., Guillermo Gómez Galizia y el Secretario de la Cámara, José Laurensio para poner al alcance de las pymes del sector ambulatorio de la salud las tecnologías de biología molecular con aplicación genómica.

Maximiliano Irisarri, President of ZEV Biotech, along with collaborators and partners visited the CADIME’s headquarters to sign the agreement with Mr. Guillermo Gómez Galizia, President of the CADIME, and Mr. José Laurensio, the Chamber Secretary, to make available the molecular biology technologies with genomics application for SMEs of the outpatient health sector.

Genomic medicine has a high importance for the medical diagnosis and treatment quality, but now the access is expensive for small providers, particularly those that are located in areas remote from urban centers.

Today, the company is in product approval process by the National Drugs, Food and Medical Technology Administration (ANMAT) – which they aspire to reach in the coming months – and after, it will be time to go to market  and to assess the developing receptivity: “Ours clients are clinical laboratories and any health care center which carry out diagnosis,  whether public or private.

Our aim is to supply laboratories with the equipment and kits, which they need to provide molecular diagnostic testing services”, says Andrés Barcala, member of EV.

Under this agreement, ZEV BIOTECH and CADIME seek to democratize the access to health technologies, in such a manner that genomics and molecular biology result accessible to all health providers and, like this, the entire population is benefited.

In September, ZEV BIOTECH participated in the INNOVATECH, health fair organized by the FIVES Program. Along with CADIME, they stimulate the transfer of knowledge to empower the Argentinean health care system.